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by LilEnderArt

There is a large amount of flat colors on this picture, except for the blush. I'd say that is the only area that should be improved for...

Ominous would be the best way to describe this picture. I think you did the magma splash effect well, personally. I understand your rea...


I got tagged by :iconboefjim: and :icondracocrochet:. Might as well, though this one doesn't seem to be as fun as other tag games.

Name: Ryusei Taylor (that's all you're getting; sorry)

Zodiac: (private)

Average hours of sleep: Usually 6 or so.

Games I love to play: At the top of my long list is Zelda, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, DKC. The rest I'll file under the usual "etc."

Current attire: Long-sleeve shirt, pants, etc.

Fav. Characters: I'll be here all day if I were to even consider where to begin for this one.

When did I start this account: come August, four years ago

Watchers: 111

What do you post: My PMD fic, collabs, commissions, requests (those latter three with the original artist's permission, and with credit to the original artist)

Do you get a lot of comments: Occasionally.

No offense, but this was one of the more boring tag games, so I'll pass on tagging others.


Ryuseitheferret's Profile Picture
Hello there, DeviantART! I'm known online as Ryusei Taylor (the name of my Littlest Pet Shop OC, pictured), but you can call me Ryu for short.

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sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back.
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I don't like MLP G4. It's nothing more than condescending preschool backwash that makes every mediocre non-Disney cartoon look like a World War II documentary.
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